Dot Day Celebrations Build Connection

Posted by Corey Burdick on 9/19/2019 12:00:00 PM

International Dot Day was celebrated the week of Sept. 16 at both Orchard and Chamberlin Schools. According to Chamberlin, "Students learned how each of us can leave our "mark" and make a difference in the world we live in. Peter Reynolds' book, "The Dot," reflects one little girl's realization that believing in yourself and helping others can happen every day. This message and theme of "believing in yourself, everyone matters, and reaching out to each other" was embedded in lessons in the library, music room, art room, and gym." Dot Day was officially celebrated at Chamberlin School Tuesday, Sept. 17 by wearing dot clothing.

At Orchard School, over 400 students contributed to the dot project in the hallways! And according to Donna Sullivan-MacDonald, "It's not done yet!"

In addition, all 22 classes connected with others across the US through Skype and Google Hangouts. Some classes read Peter Reynolds' books to one another while others did a live taste test of foods from their respective states. Maple syrup and key lime pie! Here's to connection and leaving your mark! 



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