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Cyber Wolves Win State Championship

SBHS Cybersecurity Club wins State Championship

The SBHS CyberWolves cybersecurity team was the Vermont top team in the Air Force Association’s CyberPatriot competition series, for the fourth consecutive year. SBHS’ second team took third place in the state championship.

The CyberPatriot competition pits teams of up to six students against the clock as they attempt to find and correct all the security vulnerabilities in three different “images” that represent compromised computer systems. An image, also known as a “virtual machine,” behaves exactly like a physical computer that you might sit down to at your workplace. The operating systems of these images range from current desktop or server versions of Microsoft Windows, a version of Linux, or even a recent, but out of date operating system, as many organizations have a few older computers still in use and these can be especially vulnerable to cyberattack.

Student teams select a six-hour window between a designated Friday through Sunday to compete. Once they have started, the clock is running and cannot be stopped. In addition to the compromised computer images, students take an online test and configure a complex network, using a network simulation tool.

SBHS is grateful to the Air Force Association, especially the Green Mountain Chapter, for their efforts in organizing and supporting this competition, as it creates a powerful motivation for students to learn more about the important field of cybersecurity. Thanks also go out to Duane Dunston at Champlain College for the mentoring and support he and his students have provided.