Transportation Services

  • Welcome to the South Burlington School District Transportation Department

    We are proud to be able to provide families with safe and reliable transportation to and from school, field trips and special events. We have a dedicated team of professionals here in the District that includes a solid roster of drivers.You will find our most recent transportation schedules in the sidebar to the left.

    This year, you will also notice four buses with blue bumpers making the rounds. Those are our electric buses and we are very excited to begin using them for the first time this fall! You can read more about our electric fleet and our partnership with Green Mountain Power and Highland Electric Fleets in this joint press release.

    If you have any transportation related questions or concerns, please contact Kathy LaRock, Transportation Supervisor. If you are unable to reach Kathy, please contact Sean McKenzie, Transportation Coordinator for assistance.  

    Thank you for your continued support !

    Bus changes taking place starting January 3, 2023.
    Bus #6 will be changed to bus #10, 
    Bus #14 will be changed to bus #3, 
    Bus #9 will be changed to bus #11 with the implementation of our new Electric Buses To the fleet.
    The changeover was done over Christmas break.
    Thank you for your patience.



































  • Kathy LaRock,

    Transportation Manager        


    Sean McKenzie,

    Transportation Coordinator 


    23 Landfill Road Off Patchen Road In South Burlington.