Ends Policy

1.0 Global Ends Statement

Students successfully complete their education from the South Burlington School District
ready for their next step. They will show cultural and academic competence appropriate
to grade and developmental capacity. All graduates will be prepared for college, career,
or individually determined next steps. The ends will be met at a cost that the community
will support.

This section updated 1/8/14

1.1 Disposition for Life-long Learning

Students will demonstrate the ability, knowledge, and skills to adapt and succeed by:

  1. Demonstrating independent thought, curiosity, and creativity

  2. Responding to the varying demands of audience, task, purpose, and discipline

  3. Gathering and analyzing data to construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others

  4. Generating alternatives and considering options and different perspectives

  5. Solving problems and making decisions based on knowledge, thoughtful debate, and reason

  6. Cooperating, collaborating, and leading others

This section updated 1/8/14

1.2 Academic Proficiency

Students actively participate in a full and enriching academic experience that includes
language and literature, math, science, social sciences, the arts and design, technology,
world language, and health and wellness. Students demonstrate proficiency within
these courses by:

  1. Building strong content knowledge consistent with state-approved standards and district- approved curriculum

  2. Comprehending, interpreting, and evaluating a wide range of written material, resources, and information

  3. Writing in a clear, concise, and organized manner

  4. Actively listening and responding with evidence to ideas, concepts, and opinions

  5. Expressing themselves creatively and effectively in a variety of forms

  6. Using technology, mixed media, instrumentation as appropriate

  7. Effectively solves problems, while attending to precision

This section updated 1/8/14

1.3 Personal Development

Students will use self-awareness and interpersonal skills to effectively enhance their own
performance and collaborate with others by:

  1. Developing an awareness of their individual learning styles, interests and

  2. Clarifying goals, aspirations and post-secondary plans

  3. Building capacity to make informed and healthy decisions/choices

  4. Living responsibly with confidence, resilience, and adaptability

  5. Demonstrating effective time management and organizational skills

  6. Building supportive relationships and respectfully advocating for self and

This section updated 1/8/14

1.4 Citizenship

Students will understand the impact of history, government, law and the economy on self
and society in order to contribute to their community and participate in local, state, and
federal government in an informed manner by:

  1. Understanding and expressing how diverse cultures and people enrich the
    human experience

  2. Engaging others with honesty, humility, kindness, and good humor

  3. Demonstrating respect for self, others, and the environment

  4. Supporting, participating, and/or initiating socially responsible actions to
    benefit the local and global community

  5. Practicing ethical behavior in all environments, including as a participant in
    the digital community

  6. Being proud of our shared experience and having fun along the way

This section updated 1/8/14