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  •  Bus Schedules for Testing Days 

    Bus Evacuation Drills Oct. 27, 2017 and April 20, 2018

    The District Is Required To Conduct Bus Evacuation Drills Twice A Year.
    The District Has Changed The Way In Which We Conduct Our School Bus
    Evacuation Drills. We Will Perform Our Bus Evacuation Drills On School
    Grounds As Is Customary. They Will Be Held Simultaneously On Late
    Start Days Which are Now Held On Fridays During The School Year At
    All Elementary Schools Followed By The High And Middle School Drills.
    Thus Keeping The Amount Of Time That Students Are Delayed Getting
    To Classes To A Minimum. They Will Not Be Conducted Over A Week
    Long Period As Before. With the Exception of Oct. 20 As There Is No Late
    Start Fridays In The Month Of Oct. The Drills Will Still Be Held On The
    Same Day. We Request That All Parents Please Send Their Students On
    The Buses So That They May Participate In These Most Important Safety
    Trainings. Please Limit Cars At The Various Schools So Our Buses Have
    Room To Park And Do Evacuation Drills With Our Students On The  Safety
    Of School Grounds. All Of Our Drivers Are Trained In These Evacuation
    Drills. They Will Train And Assist All Of Our Students With The Utmost Of
    Care And Concern.
    Thank you,



































  • Deb Courtemanche At 652-7498

    Kathy Nasab At 652-7479

    23 Landfill Road Off Patchen Road In South Burlington.

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