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  • School Nurses

    Elementary School Health Services

    Each of our elementary schools is staffed by a Registered Nurse with a Vermont State School Nurse endorsement through the Department of Education.   We maintain compliance of "pupil to school nurse ratio" as mandated by the Department of Education through the Vermont School Quality Standards.

    The role of the school nurse includes, but is not limited to the following:

    • Develop Individual Health Care Plans
    • Provide mandated and recommended health screening
    • Maintain student immunization and health records
    • Report communicable diseases
    • Promote and provide education around health topics/issues
    • Assist in management of chronic illnesses
    • Provide injury and first aid care
    • Administer medication
    •  Coordinate health services with physicians, PTs, OTs, and SLPs
    • Participate as a team member with the guidance counselor, school social worker, special educator and classroom teacher to maximize learning and wellness in a healthy, safe environment.


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    Health Services Procedures and Forms

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Medication Adminstration Procedures

    Medication Forms

    HIPPA-Release of Health Information Form

    Medication Order & Permission Form

    School Entry Forms

    Annual Health Questionaire

    Asthma Update

    School Entry Health Questionaire

     Health Services Information


    Links showing Vermont's recommended child vaccination schedule AND Vermont's school entry vaccination requirements.

    State of Vermont Laws

    Laws regarding life-threatening allergies and illnesses and possessing and self-administrating emergency medication.

    Health Announcements

    Flu Season

    How to Help Prevent the Spread of Flu:  healthvermont.gov/prevent/flu/index.aspx