Human Resources

  • It is the mission of The South Burlington School District Human Resources Department to develop, implement, and support programs, policies, and processes that add value to the District and its employees. We will endeavor to improve employee welfare, empowerment, growth, and retention, while remaining committed to the District's educational focus to inspire all learners to make a difference in the world.  

    We will do this by:

    • Attracting, developing, motivating, and retaining a diverse workforce that will support our learning environment. 
    • Instilling in our employees a disposition for life-long learning through encouragement of personal and professional development.
    • Providing benefits and services to our workforce.
    • Encouraging responsible citizenship and tolerance in our workforce.

    Human Resources Director:        Karen Desmond-Dantzscher       802-652-7256

    HR/Benefit Specialist:                 Maura Sawtelle          802-652-7136 


    How should I proceed if I have a DOCUMENTED chronic or ongoing illness that presents with similar symptoms to the covid symptoms questions presented in the health screening app?

    If an employee has a chronic ailment (such as seasonal allergies, migraines, muscular issues, etc) they should obtain a one-time doctor's note that indicates their condition and send along to Maura Sawtelle in HR for their medical file. (This information will be kept in strict confidence) As long as the symptoms are consistent with that of a chronic condition and not contagious or significantly different than the employee's "norm", then the employee can answer that that they do not have a symptom related to COVID and can resume work.
    If an employee has experienced a symptom like a headache or fatigue and it is clearly associated with something that could be explained (i.e. migraine, muscle strain, or late night out) then the employee should check "NO" as it is not related to COVID.
    Otherwise, if an employee has covid symptoms present, employees should answer appropriately and follow up with their health care provider and enter related absences into the Absenc Manager Software.

    How do I proceed if I am an Employee that had a symptom and was excluded from work from the App? 

    If you had some sort of ordinary illness and it can be explained or you consulted a health care professional and they suggested a test, inform HR of the test result.  If a health care visit has occurred, please provide Maura Sawtell a health care provider's note that indicates you may return to work.  Send (email or fax 652-7150) to Maura Sawtelle in HR the result or document and then report to work.  If your symptoms have subsided and you have been fever free for at least 24 hours without the use of fever redcucing medication, report to work. 

    How do I get my contact information for the ruvna application alerts updated to a text message or a different email address?

    As texts and emails are being sent out to staff from Ruvna (for Health Screenings), we anticipate that there will be some individuals that do not receive the messages, as their contact information is not populated and/or is not accurate. Hopefully, the following steps will provide you with some clarity about how to best correct this. Please keep in mind some of these processes are fluid, as it is completely new to all of us.  The application is using information that is kept in Powerschool to inform the contact details.

    We are asking employees to use the following method to update their information:


      1. If an employee is not receiving the expected Ruvna health screener notifications, please submit a ticket to the Data Queue via the KACE ticket system.  (use your district username and password)
      2. Please be sure to include:

                                                        i.     the employee’s name

                                                       ii.     the school/building the employee works at

                                                      iii.     a short summary of issue (E.g., did not receive notifications, updated email address, updated cell phone, etc.)

                                                      iv.     updated contact information (either/or/both personal email address and/or mobile number)

      1. The Data Team will be working along side Human Resources and the Business Office to ensure that all systems are updated


    Please do NOT submit multiple tickets regarding the same employee, as that slows down the processing time when we have multiple request for the same issue.