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  • Welcome To Our Transportation Web Page.
    We  Attempt To Update This Page On A Regular Basis.
    Our Office Is Located At 23 Landfill Road Off Patchen Road In South Burlington.
    Feel Free to Contact Deb Courtemanche At 652-7498 or Kathy Nasab At 652-7479.


    Buses For The Islands And Alburgh PM Routes
    Effective Immediately There Will Be 2 Buses In The P.M.
    Each Day For The Alburgh, Island, Isle LaMotte Bus Routes.
    This Is Due To capacity Issues. I Am Concerned For The
    Safety Of Our Students. This Change Will Be In Effect Until
    The Winter Sports Begin. Students Who ride Bus # 8 In The
    A.M. Will Ride # 8 In The P.M. Likewise Students Who Ride
    Bus # 9 In The A.M. Will Ride Bus # 9 In The P.M.

    If You Have Questions Please Feel Free To Call Me At (802)
    Thank You,
    Bus Changes At Central School
    There Will Be More Bus # Changes At Central School
    School Starting Fri. Nov. 4, 2016. Please Be Aware
    That Routes Will Not Change Only The Bus Numbers.

    Bus # 19 At Central Will Become Bus # 29 and
    Bus # 29 at Central Will Now be Bus # 19 effective
    Fri. Nov. 4, 2016.

    This Will Not Change The Line Up Just The Numbers.
    I Will Send It To Central School.

    This Change Will Also Affect F.H.T.M.S. And S.B.H.S.
    Students. Same Routes Different Bus Numbers.

    We Are Are Also Pleased To Announce The Hiring Of
    Bus Driver Donna Walters To The District. She Will Be
    Driving Out Of Central School. As of Nov. 4, 2016 She
    Will Begin Driving Bus # 29 now (Route 20) Out Of Central
    School. Please Welcome Donna To Our Department!

    Another Change Taking Place Is The Move Of Paul Jarry
    Bus # 11 At Central School. Paul Will Now Be Driving
    Bus # 19 Out Of Central School.

    We Are In The Process Of Hiring Drivers For Route # 11, Sub
    And Swing To Assist In Keeping Our Staff At The Highest
    Levels Of Efficiency So That We Can Provide The Utmost Of
    Safe Transportation For Our Students.

    If You Have Questions Regarding This Change In Bus Numbers
    Feel Free To Call Me @ (802) 652-7498.


    Testing Buses Doubled Up 10/19/16
    Due To Testing and Community Service On
    The Same Day Wed. Oct. 19, 2016 I need To
    Double Up The Testing Buses That Day From
    12:00 To 12:45. These Buses Will Be Picking
    Up Students On A Combined Route Much
    Like We Do Going Home On Exam Days. Please
    See Those Routes, The Approximate Time
    Differences And By How Much It Will Affect Each
    Of Those Routes Below:

    1.) Bus # 19 Combined With Bus # 11- Approximately 15.
    Minute Delay For Bus # 19 Students.
    2.) Bus # 15 Combined With Bus # 12 -Approximately 15
    Minute Delay For Bus # 15 Students.
    3.) Bus # 21 Combined With Bus # 16 -Approximately 15
    Minute Delay For Bus # 16 Students.
    4.) Bus # 27 Combined With Bus # 14 -Approximately 15
    Minute Delay For Bus # 27 Students.
    5.) Bus # 5 Combined With Bus # 29 -Approximately 15
    Minute Delay For Bus # 29 Students.

    If Your Bus Number Is Not Listed Here Then It Will
    Not Be
    Affected By An Extra 15 Minute Delay And
    Will Arrive At The 4 Hour Delay As
    Was Expected
    For This Testing.
    Testing Bus Schedules 9/27 & 10/19 2016
    Please see the schedules for the Alburgh/
    Isle LaMotte/Island and the Georgia buses
    On Sept. 27 and Oct. 19 for the upcoming
    testing at S.B.H.S.

    Bus # 8
    11:30 - Alburgh- Maplefields
    11:45 - Isle LaMotte
    11:55 - Harbor Store
    12:02 - Hero's Welcome
    12:07 - South End Rd.
    12:35 - S.B.H.S.

    Bus # 9
    11:30 - Grand Isle School
    11:34 - East Shore Rd.
    11:36 - Kim's Snack Bar
    11:41 - McKee's
    11:44 - So. Hero Town Offices
    S.B.H.S. - 12:15

    Bus # 3
    12:00 - Georgia Middle School
    12:02 - ABC Store
    12:05 - Georgia Library
    12:35 - S.B.H.S.

    Thank you,
    Bus Routes Updated!
    Please Be Aware That The Bus Routes Are Now Updated!
    There Have Been Many Additional Students and Stops That
    Needed to Be included In The Past Few Days Before
    School Began. I Did My Best To Update As Soon As
    Possible. Please Go To Either The Routes Below Or To The
    And Without Too Much Disruption To The Individual School
    Web Sites For The Updated Routes. If Your Bus Route Had
    Significant Time Changes, Hand-Outs Were Distributed To
    Students To Take Home This Week By Drivers With A Memo
    Addressing The Changes. These Changes Will Become Effective
    Tues. , Sept. 6, 2016.

    I Appreciate Your Ongoing Patience and Support.

    Thank you,


    Bus Evacuation Drills Sept. 21, 2016

    The District Is Required To Conduct Bus Evacuation Drills Twice A Year.
    This Year The District Will Change The Way In Which We Conduct Our
    Evacuation Drills. We Will Perform Our Bus Evacuation Drills On School
    Grounds As Is Customary. They Will Be Held Simultaneously On Late
    Start Days During The School Year At All Elementary Schools Followed
    By The High And Middle School Drills.Thus Keeping The Amount Of Time
    That Students Are Delayed Getting To Classes To A Minimum. They Will
    Not Be Conducted Over A Week Long Period As Before. We Request That
    All Parents Please Send Their Students On The Buses So That They May
    Participate In These Important Safety Trainings. Please Limit Cars At The
    Various Schools So Our Buses Have Room To Park And Do The Evacuation
    Drills With Our Students On The Safety Of School Grounds. Our Drivers Are
    Trained In These Evacuation Drills. They Will Train And Assist All Of Our
    Students With The Utmost Of Care And Concern.
    New Bus Driver Route #12
    There Is A New Bus Driver For Orchard Route # 12.
    Please Welcome David Champine. This Is A Permanent
    Change. David Was a Sub On Bus # 12 For Most Of The
    2015-2016 School Year.
    Bus # 1 New Driver And Bus Number
    Orchard School Has A New Bus And Driver For Route # 1
    This School Year 2016-2017. Please Welcome Matt Holton.
    He Will Be Driving Bus # 20 On Route # 1 This Year.
    This Is A Permanent Change.