Orchard School Library
    Orchard School's Library/Media Center serves about 370 students in kindergarten through fifth grade.  The library collection now totals over 25,000 books and A/V materials.
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    This is the view as you enter the Orchard School Library/Media Center.

    Looking up, here's what you'll see.

    Graphic texts are of HUGE interest at Orchard School. These shelves would be full if all the books had been in when this photo was taken.

    Looking to the right as you enter the library is the Fiction Section.  Students may put their favorite books in the trunk to share with others.

    Classes in kindergarten through third grade are read to on these "story steps." 

    Here's a closer view of the top of the story step tree.  Book characters are "reading" their books!

    Areas of the library are identified with objects related to the subject of the books. For example, the paper skeleton indicates books on the human body or the owl poster indicates animal books. 

    Here's how the objects look in with the mammal books.

    There is a weaving and a Picasso reproduction over the arts section. A book character arch separates non-fiction books from the "E" for "Everybody" section.

    Here's the beginning of the Everybody picture book section.  Over the years, many parents have donated stuffed book characters to add to the collection.  Many are hanging on the arch in the picture to the left.


    There is a makerspace tucked away in the corner of the library. It includes a Lego Wall and loads of storage for littleBits, K'nex, MakeyMakey, Sphero, Snap Circuits, Arduino and much, much more. On the doors of the cabinets is the AASL motto of "Think, Create, Share, Grow."

    A puppet theater is available for shows or just a quiet work space. This image was taken before the Lego Wall was added. 


    Thanks to Code.org for funding so many amazing tech tools, including a fabulous 3D printer in the makerspace. Orchard School was chosen as the Vermont recipient of $10,000 for coding with every class in the school in 2014.


    Students love the colorful stools in the makerspace.


    The "Tech Room" has nine computers.  Sometimes referred to as "Tech Alley" or "The Tech Cave," this is a great space for small groups of students. 

    Outside the "Tech Room," there are an additional 10 computers.  There are a total of 27 computers, 2 Hi volume printers (1 b & w and 1 color), and several digital cameras available in Orchard's LMC. 

    The LMC classroom is a great space for instruction and presentations.  It is equipped with a SMARTboard with ceiling-mounted projection.  Most LMC classes begin here and then students proceed to their own computers. 

    Since Orchard School is a wireless environment, this cart of laptops comes in handy.  Students in grades 3-5 each have a Chromebook assigned to them. 


    Here's a video tour of Orchard School's library.

    Orchard School's LMC is home to some very interesting pets.

    Max is a Russian tortoise. His favorite foods are romaine lettuce and radicchio. Max has been with us for about fifteen years. 

    Sadly, Max died in November 2012.
    A new tortoise arrived a month later. Students named him Milo.

    Taracula is a Chilean Rose- Haired Tarantula and it has lived in the Orchard School Library for about twelve years. Since Taracula first came to us on Halloween, a student decided to give it a name combining the words "tarantula" and "Dracula."

    Orchard's library is also home for many Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. 

     One of our newest "pets" is a Frilled Dragon named Ruffles. 

     Wally is our white-lined gecko.

    There are also two aquariums with fish and even frogs that came to our library as eggs about five years ago!

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    Bring those books back at the end of the school year!