• Senior Information  

    Welcome to Senior Year! SBHS Counselors support all post-secondary planning. If you are interested in entering the working world after high school, please connect with Nikki St. Mary in the Career Development Center (outside the Library). If you are interested in enlisting in the military, you can connect with your school counselor for recruiter contact information. If you are interested in any sort of education or training after high school (including two and four year colleges, certificate programs, technical programs, etc.), please connect with your school counselor. 

    Our timeline for Fall 2022

      September 15, 6:30 PM: Senior College Planning Webinar

      September 22 & 23: School counselors in SBHS Senior English classes

      October 4 & 6: FACETime SCOIR Workshops, Room 202

      October 21: College Application Workshop, A Block, Room 215

    Important Forms

      Senior Activity Sheet: Counselors needs this completed 2-3 weeks before college application deadline

      Parent Perspective: For Parents/Caregivers that want to contribute additional insight for their student's letter of recommendation

      Senior Calendar: To assist in staying on task

      Senior College Application Checklist: tips and tricks for getting applications done

    Paying for College

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opened up on October 1. If you need help completing this, VSAC has both a helpline (833-802-8722) and one-on-one Zoom sessions to support families through this process.

    Check out this list of Web Resources for searching for scholarships.

    We will be updating scholarship info throughout the fall and spring. Stay tuned for more updates.