• The South Burlington School District, in coordination with the City of South Burlington, has developed an Emergency Plan.  The EMERGENCY PLAN is designed to provide a fast, consistent reference for handling emergencies, as well as define the communication steps and procedures necessary to handle a wide range of emergency and disaster situations. 

    If you would like more information or have questions about the EMERGENCY PLAN, please contact the school Administrator or the Operations Specialist. 

    South Burlington High School
    Pat Burke, Principal -  802-652-7007
    John Craig, Asst. Principal - 802-652-7003
    Meghan Sweet, Interim Asst. Principal - 802-652-7004

    F.H. Tuttle Middle School
    Scott Sivo, Principal - 802-652-7101
    David Hyatt, Asst. Principal - 802-652-7102

    Gertrude E. Chamberlin School
    Holly Rouelle, Principal - 802-652-7401
    Olivia Kane, Assistant Principal - 802-652-7400
    Stephanie Sumner, Assistant Principal - 802-652-7400

    Rick Marcotte Central School
    Lissa McDonald, Interim Principal - 802- 652-7201
    Olivia Kane, Assistant Principal - 802-652-7200
    Stephanie Sumner, Assistatn Principal - 802-652-7200

    Orchard School
    Mark Trifilio, Principal - 652-7301

    Operations Manager - Business and Operations Office 
    Christa Chambers, Emergency Response and Crisis Planning - 802-652-7053