• Social & Emotional Learning and Wellness

    At Orchard we place high value on supporting our students’ academic, social and emotional learning.  An integral part of our curriculum involves the development of social and emotional skills.  This occurs through the integration of school-wide core values during assemblies, classroom activities such as morning meeting, and through classroom-based lessons which help students to identify and express feelings, resolve conflicts peacefully and develop healthy friendships. Classroom teachers, counselors and the school-based clinician (school social worker) all teach and reinforce our core values with all of our students. Currently, the school counselors are delivering literacy-based affective education and bullying prevention lessons and a mindfulness-based Resiliency curriculum called paws b (www.mindfulnessinschools.org) in all grades. We also work with our school nurses to deliver lessons under ACT 1 sexual abuse prevention using state provided materials. The K-5 Social Emotional Lessons are based on the classroom teacher and school counselor's collaborative efforts to meet the developmental learning needs of all students in each class.

    We facilitate a number of small groups that are part of the ongoing social skills curriculum.  Every student takes a turn with us at lunchtime for “Lunch Bunch”. We also work with small groups and individual students whom the teacher and/or parents feel would benefit from extra time with the school counselors to address issues of concern. Topics can include friendship, family changes, anger management, and anxiety/self-regulation. 

    Each school counselor is also available to meet with children individually when a child, a teacher or a parent request that a private meeting take place. Parents and teachers meet with a school counselor when there is a concern, to gather information, and to explore alternatives. Also, by serving as members of student support teams, the school counselors have the opportunity to consult in the development and implementation of student plans.

    SBSD Wellness and Resilience

    The mission of the South Burlington School District’s Wellness and Resilience Program is to promote wellness among K-12 students, staff, and families. The mission is tied directly to our South Burlington School District Ends Policy.  Research indicates that healthy decision-making and resiliency develop from a foundation of self-awareness and self-regulation. These, in turn, are strengthened through the use of reflective practices. Further, resiliency is crucial to health and learning and is increasingly embraced by the greater business community as essential to creativity and productivity (i.e., Daniel Pink et al., www.21stcenturyskills.org).

    For further information on the South Burlington School District Wellness and Resilience Program, please click here.

    For further information on the Inner Resilience Program, please click here.

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