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    MAPSS  (Mastering Academic, Personal & Social Skills) is a fun class where real life is what we will be focusing on! Instructor: Caryn Olivetti   
    I am always open to student's ideas and suggestions for this class.

    The class begins each day with 10 minutes of quiet time when students can choose to do journal writes, mandalas or stress reduction techniques. I strive to create a classroom atmosphere of inclusion, building inner resislence and promoting emotional intelligence skills.

    MAPSS class is graded with 1/3 of the grade being journal entries and the other 2/3 of the class being classroom behavior. Journal writes can either be written in class or on Moodle (computer application)  home.

    Please do not hesitate to talk to me at any time about thoughts you might have about adding to our class!! Thanks! Ms.O
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    MAPSS Introduction
    Mastering Academic, Personal and Social Skills is a6th grade exploratory class that is required for all6th grade students.  This course is offered during the exploratory rotation.  The course meets daily forone sixth of the school year.  Three strands make up the structure of the curriculum and are comprised of Strand One: Personal and Social Development, Strand Two: Academic Development and Strand Three Career Development. 



    Email me to ask questions or tell me what's up for you!


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