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  • All 6th grade students have MAPSS at some point during their exploratory rotation.  MAPSS stand for Mastering Academic, Personal and Social Skills.  You can review curriculum and learn how the class is assessed by clicking on the links below.  While an individual class may focus on a particular theme like friendship or study skills, each class is conducted with elements to encourage social skills, reflection and inner resiliency.  Homework obligations for this class will primarily be a once a week on-line journal reflection through the Moodle network. Students who do not have computer access at home will be given a hard copy of the journal reflection.
      Instructor: Matt Guyette   

    Click here for MAPSS Curriculum

    *MAPSS grade is assessed through online journal (1/3) and behavior\participation (2/3). 

    Click here for Behavior Rubric.

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