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    South Burlington Farm to School supports a learning environment that facilitates the growth of healthy students for a bountiful and sustainable future.

    The Farm to School program supports the South Burlington School District curriculum and Nutritional Services to promote healthy eating and to raise awareness about local and global food systems. Farm to School programming supports these initiatives through building connections with Vermont farms, making fresh and local foods available in school meals, and working towards providing hands-on food education opportunities for all students.

    LOCAL Butternut Squash for the Harvest Feast THURSDAY 11/8!
    1,000 pounds of Butternut Squash Harvested by
    Project LEAP 6th Grade FHTMS students
    for the Annual Harvest Feast 11/8!**
    **11/8 for Marcotte, Chamberlin, Orchard and FHTMS; 11/7 for SBHS

    Project LEAP students at The Farm at South Village in South Burlington, VT where they harvested squash for SB Nutritional Services!

    The squash was collected and carted out of the field by these strong 6th grade students

    Picking squash
    What a beautiful day to get outside!

    Students also worked in teams to learn how to plant garlic. The garlic will stay dormant during the winter, sprout in the spring, and be harvested next July. Some students even tasted the raw cloves of garlic!

    Twisted carrot!
    We also harvested some lingering carrots to make room for more garlic planting

    Thanks to Project LEAP for coming out to harvest butternut squash and do some garlic planting!

    SB Nutritional Services processed 1000 pounds of butternut squash for the District Harvest Meal in all 5 South Burlington Schools! We look forward to seeing you there and tasting this fresh, local dish.

    Why eat butternut squash?
    • It contains a significant amount of Vitamin A--a powerful antioxidant for good skin health, eye sight, and mucus membranes, and can help protect against cancers.
    • Butternut squash also contains a great amount of iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, and other significant minerals!
    • There is 1/3 of our daily Vitamin C requirement in every cup
    • Significant anti-inflammatory benefits
    • High fiber content and potential blood sugar regulation benefits
    So, why NOT eat this delicious locally grown butternut squash??

    As always, see you at lunch !
    RECIPES & PHOTOS! Salsa & Kale Pesto with Sustainable Food
    Today with the SBHS Sustainble Food class, we split into groups and madeKALE PESTO & FRESH TOMATO SALSA!

    Carpe Diem, before the frost hits us all!

    Kale pesto makers
    Blending the kale pesto, with the kale harvested from our own SBHS garden, Rebel Roots!

    knife techniques
    Getting some knife tips for preparing the fresh salsa, ALL local ingredients!

    Finished products
    Finished products: kale chips, kale pesto, fresh tomato salsa!

    braiding onions
    Even learning to braid our own onions from the SBHS garden...


    Kale Pesto
    -handful of your choice of nuts
    -4-6 cloves of garlic
    -1/2 C olive oil
    -bunch kale
    -juice of 1-2 lemons
    -1/2 C parmesan cheese
    **Blend until well incorporated**

    Fresh Tomato Salsa
    -3 or 4 fresh Tomatoes, chopped
    -2 TBS chopped Onion
    -1/2 tsp. Salt
    -1/4 tsp. coarsely ground Pepper
    -Handful of chopped fresh Cilantro leaves
    -1 seeded, chopped jalepeno pepper
    **Mix in bowl. Allow to stand for a bit so that flavors blend**

    Blueberry planting at RMCS!
    Blueberry planting demo 

    On Monday, September 10th, with the help of a few generous parents at RMCS, 9 blueberry bushes were planted next to the garden beds in the courtyard! 4 different classes came out to see what was going on, and many students got to spend some time in the garden and harvest a few things. We had a blast!

    Aiden's cucumber harvest!

    Great times in the RMCS garden, and more to come.


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