PowerSchool Enrollment New Student Registration

  • If you need assistance at any time, please see our Family Help page.


    Creating a Family Enrollment Account

    Step1: Access the Enrollment URL

    First-time access, select Create Account.  (Already have an account?  Simply enter your email and password, and select Sign In.)

    Note:  The Forgot Password? link will redirect the user to a Forgot Password page for resetting either by sending an email containing a temporary password or by answering security questions.  Either method will require setting a new password.


    Step 2:  Create Family Enrollment Account

    After selecting Create Account, complete the fields under the Profile and Security areas as shown in the following example screen.



    New Student Registration

    Below are steps used to add students to your Family Enrollment Account and complete registrations.

    Step 1:  Add a Student to Your Family Enrollment Account


    Step 2: Complete the Form

    All pages must be completed in order. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of each page to complete all required fields.  On the bottom of each page, select Next to move to the next page.  Each of the Form pages is listed in the left menu.



    Step 3: Summary

    On the Summary Page, one of the following will occur:

    If information needs correcting, a RED STATUS icon regarding missing/invalid information will display on the page row as shown below.

    Click on the RED STATUS icon or Find Invalid Fields which will move open to the page for correction.  Fields will have a red icon as the example of missing Gender shows:


    If there are no errors, the Submit option will be available.  See next step.


    Step 4: Submit

    When all information is correct, all STATUS checks will be green and the following screen will display.
    Select Submit.  At that time, the owner of the Family Account is sent a confirmation email.


    Step 5: Next Steps

    The New Student Registration is complete.  From this screen, you can:

      • Print a copy of the student registration just completed by clicking the Completed Form link.
      • Complete a New Student Registration for an additional new student.  See next topic for adding an additional new student at this time.

    If finished at this time, select to Save and Sign Out, located under the circular icon containing initials.

    IMPORTANT: In addition to signing out, if on a public computer, delete any uploaded files and/or documents.


    If Save & Sign Out is selected prior to the form submission, the registration is left In Progress and can be accessed and completed at a later time.

    The Account option under the initial icon allows access to the user's Profile, Security, and Family Members.


    Adding an Additional Student of the Same Family

    Step 1: After submitting a student's registration, another student can be added by clicking the New Student Registration link from the Next Steps page.  The following page displays:

    Step 2:  After completing the First Name, Last Name, and DOB fields, select Add Student.  An option is then given to Import data from the last student entered or Start from Scratch.