RMCS PTO April Meeting

    Meeting Minutes for 4/11/23

    6:00-7:30 RMCS Library


    Attendance: Erin Dahlstrom, Jenna Heney, Ashley Newcomb, Erin Sutherland, Mary Stuessy, Jen Lyman, Susan Robinson, Lissa McDonald, Stephanie Sumner, Danielle Vincent, Kesia Cope, Amy Possidente, Holly Young, Vicki Abrahamson, Erica Sacco, Sarah Pineda, Kelly Mancuso. 

    Approve March Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the March minutes. 

    President/VP Report – Erin Dahlstrom/Jenna Heney:

    • Thank you to all teachers and staff for your flexibility with the Jeh Kulu event. A special thank you to Vincenza Lunde, who stepped in and went above and beyond to make this a success

    • A big thank you to the Spring Fair co-chairs and volunteers for putting on such a great event. Thank you to all the staff who supported the event and made it such a success! Everyone seemed so happy about the event. There is a meeting next week with the Spring Fair committee to debrief and make suggestions for next year. 

    • The Scholastic book fair was also a huge success, selling over $8000 in books! The library will receive over $4000 in Scholastic books. A big thank you to Sarah Pineda for organizing, to Annie Allardyce for the use of the library space, and to the parent volunteers for helping run the event. 

    • Kindergarten orientation is this week - the PTO will have a table at the entrance to talk about what we do and to encourage new families to get involved. The Kindergarten summer playdate will be held on 8/27 at 10:30. 

    • We are currently working with AMV on the contract for Fall photo days

    • Hands on Nature - we talked about whether or not we may be able to offer this again - Lissa would have to bring it to the Director of Learning to see if it fits the current science curriculum. 

    • Original Works - we will likely offer this again next year, but may look into different, but similar, options. Perhaps one with an online platform to make ordering easier? 

    • Open positions - we are actively looking for a Vice President and Treasurer for next year, as well as many other committee chairs. Please let Erin Dahlstrom know if you’re interested!

    Treasurer’s Report – Mary Stuessy: The budget is looking good, and as before, we have funds available if there are special requests. Mary again mentioned that many teachers haven’t used their $50 - this can still be used at this time - just forward any receipts to Mary for reimbursement. 

    Principal’s Report – Lissa/Stephanie:  Lissa agreed that the Spring Fair and Scholastic book fair were well attended and seemed to be a great experience for everyone. She’d like to continue with both next year, but would like to see school events better spread throughout the year. There may be a few tweaks with how the events are run going forward. 

    Conferences will be moved to October next year, and in addition, all staff and students will have the full Thanksgiving week off. We may be able to look into doing an event or two in the Fall, allowing parents and caregivers a chance to participate in school events earlier in the year. 

    We had a thoughtful conversation about parents/caregivers feeling a lack of connection with their children’s schooling as well as with other parents/caregivers. Many expressed interest in being able to volunteer in classrooms again. Lissa explained many reasons why this has become challenging, including the many safety concerns. Vicki suggested the possibility of a curriculum night in the beginning of the year, and possibly an end of the year event allowing kids to show their accomplishments for the year. We will likely continue these conversations as we try to work together to come up with additional ways for parents to feel involved. 

    Teacher’s Report - Kesia/Danielle: - Kindergarteners are learning about Australia, teen numbers and subtraction, 1st graders are learning about communities and 2nd graders are busy with a science unit on plants and pollinators. .  

    Danielle reported that 3rd grade teachers just had the opportunity to spend the day at a learning event and look forward to implementing some of what they learned. Fourth graders released half their salmon, and have two field trips planned for Spring. And lastly, 5th graders spent time with Natalie Kinsey-Warnock during her annual author visit. They are also working on a civil war research project, participating in DARE with Officer Bri, and thinking about middle school transition. 

    May is also assessment month for all students. All grades will have assessments, though it will look slightly different depending on grade level. 

    Committee Reports: 

    • Spring Fair - We took in over $7000 in revenue and it was well attended! Many of the current subcommittee chairs will be moving on, so we would love to spread the word  and bring in new volunteers for many of these Spring Fair positions.

    • Scholastic Book Fair - this is available to run in the Fall or Spring (or both), so we will keep that in mind as we plan events for next year.

    • Artist in Residence - in the past we have budgeted for this on an every other year basis. We will consider whether or not to offer this next year or to wait a year. 

    • Fun Run - the Fun Run will occur on May 26th, and flyers will be sent home on Friday with more information. We will continue to use the online sign up form, but may also ask teachers to help collect tshirt sizes by class. Popcorn will be provided after the Fun Run as students return to their classrooms. Sponsorship letters are going out this week to local businesses. 

    • Yearbook - Holly is still working on it and will be sending proof pages to each teacher for review this week. A suggestion was made for a yearbook club - Lissa will consider this and let us know. 

    • Lake Monster Night - This will be a fundraiser for RMCS and will be held on June 13th. Hilary is preparing our students to sing the National Anthem that evening at the game.

    • Spirit Wear - Carrie is working with Kevin Smith for a Spring spirit wear ordering opportunity. More info to come. 

    Meeting was adjourned at 8:15. The next meeting will be held on May 9th at 6pm in the RMCS library.



    Rick Marcotte Central School PTO

    Meeting Minutes for 2/14/23

    6:00-7:30 in the RMCS library


    Attendance: Erin Sutherland, Erin Dahlstrom, Ashley Newcomb, Mary Stuessy, Amy Possidente, Danielle Vincent, Jenna Heney, Sarah Pineda, Kristen Calcagni, Meghan Kohlmeyer, Allison Maino, Lissa McDonald


    Approve January Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve January’s minutes



    President/VP Report: Erin Dahlstrom/Jenna Heney - 

    • Thank you to Erin Sutherland for a very successful and fun Math night! We had a great turnout! 

    • Paper Pie Bookfair - online now. Family night on 2/16 6-8 in the library. 

    • Kristy Dooley fundraiser - Kristy will offer sittings for students & siblings. The date is set for May 5th and will be first come first serve. Info will be going home soon. We will receive 20% back on digital/print purchases.

    • Lake Monsters RMCS night - Tues, June 13th. Fundraising packets will go home the last week of May

    • Opportunities for parents to volunteer - We talked briefly about ways to get parents/caregivers back into the classrooms, including possibly bringing back Hands on Nature, or signing up for Maker Cart projects. Lissa will bring to leadership committee to see how we could implement this. 


    Treasurer’s Report: Mary Stuessy - 

    • Amazon Smile is no longer being offered

    • Budget is on track - we currently have a large surplus due to the $10k gift we received.

    • This is Mary’s last year as Treasurer - we will be looking for someone to take over this position. 

    • Reminder to teachers that they have their $50 to use. Receipts can be sent to Mary for reimbursement


    Principal’s Report: Lissa McDonald - 

    • Lissa has continued looking into a Chris Poulos assembly. He is a youth motivational speaker who does bike tricks and has an anti-bullying presentation. Lissa is looking into using the high school gym for district-wide assemblies, possibly at the beginning of April? We voted and approved using PTO funds for this assembly

    • Kindness week has been great! Students are loving finding ways to show kindness.

    • Lissa has been having meetings regarding Market Street and ways to make it safer for drop off and pick up.  


    Teacher’s Report: Danielle Vincent

    • 3rd graders are working on nonfiction writing, salmon eggs are hatching in Mr Knepp's 4th grade class, 5th grade had a day of service today. They made a meal for the fire department, and made cards and cookies. They are also doing community service throughout the building. 5th graders also have a food drive going on currently for the food shelf.

    • All students seem really into Kindness week! 

    Committee Reports:

    • Spring Fair - Megan Kohlmeyer - the kick off meeting for the Spring Fair happened recently. We have a full set of chairs this year, though many replacements will be needed for next year. We need to figure out a way to get more involvement from K-2 parents

    • Outstanding Outings - waiting on leadership team for guidance

    • Raffle basket letter - Carrie put together information for the parent liaisons to send out to the different grade levels. This information will be going out to parents before vacation with a google signup

    • Scholastic bookfair - Sarah Pineda has met with the bookfair rep and the librarian and will be from April 3rd-7th. We talked about how this might be run and when shopping will be available. Lissa will run it by the Leadership team

    • Artist in Residence - This will happen at the end of March, with two assemblies on March 31st. 


    Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm. 

    **The next PTO meeting will be 3/14 at 6:00 in the library**



    Rick Marcotte Central School PTO

    Meeting Minutes for 1/10/23

    6:00-7:30 RMCS Library


    Attendance: Erin Dahlstrom, Ashley Newcomb, Erin Sutherland, Carrie Rice, Mary Stuessy, Jen Lyman, Susan Robinson, Lissa McDonald, Stephanie Sumner, Steph Hockenbury, Danielle Vincent, Carol McQuillan, Kayli O’Donnell, Amy Possidente, Jess Riina, Holly Young, Kristen Calcagni, Heather Ebbers, Vicki Abrahamson.

    Approve November Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the November minutes. 

    President/VP Report – Erin Dahlstrom:

    • Thank you to all who provided snacks and gift cards. They are very much appreciated and already being put to use. 

    • Huge thank you to Callie Jacobs and the Brown Foundation - Callie brought some of the needs of the school to the Brown Foundation and they made a $10,000 donation to the PTO. 

    • Common Roots - Carol McQuillan and Kayli O’Donnell joined our meeting to provide an update about Common Roots and the Farm-to School program. Carol spoke about Common Roots and their various programs, including summer camps for 7-14 year olds this summer (see all online at www.commonroots.org) Kayli, the lead food educator, spoke more about Farm-to-School, which is a great program that all prek-5th graders participate in at RMCS. Each lesson integrates food culture, botany, nutrition, culinary skills, and of course a taste test. Kayli reported that students are very engaged with the program. 

    • Paper Pie Book Fair (formerly Usborne) - Pending approval, we are looking into scheduling this online book fair in February, prior to vacation. It will be online, but will also include a parent night in the library. The library receives 50% back in books.. 

    • Water Bottle Donation - The nurse’s office is once again out of water bottles. We will put a collection bin in the main office and will include this information in the upcoming Moose Memo.  

    • Lake Monster fundraiser night - We are looking into organizing a RMCS night for a game near the end of the school year. We receive a percentage of each ticket sale and it’s a fun community event. More information to come. 

    Treasurer’s Report – Mary Stuessy: The budget is looking good, especially with the recent donation. Everything looks to be on track currently. Please continue to use Amazon Smile if you’re shopping on Amazon and the Box Top app when grocery shopping as it’s an easy way for us to earn money. 

    Principal’s Report – Lissa/Stephanie:  Students have returned after vacation with lots of energy! They are all excited for a school-wide field trip to a UVM women’s basketball game. The school has welcomed four new student teachers and it’s nice to have new faces and new energy in the building. January is also benchmark assessment month - grades K-1 are doing 1 on 1 teacher interview assessments in math and literacy while grades 2-5 are doing math and literacy assessments on their chromebooks. This assessment helps teachers prepare for report cards which will come out in early February. 

    Lissa gave a presentation on the new ZEM modules and it was great to see a visual representation of what this will look like. The ZEM modules will have a hallway connecting them to the existing building and will house the 5th grade classrooms. 

    Teacher’s Report - Steph/Danielle: - Kindergarteners are learning about animals in winter, 1st graders are in the middle of a peace and equity unit and 2nd graders are busy reading and writing non fiction.  

    Danielle reported that 3rd graders are completely engrossed with mysteries and are busy being detectives and solving clues, while 4th graders are busy with a colonial simulation. And lastly, 5th graders are in the midst of a simulation of westward expansion. Fifth graders will also start community service again and will be found helping out in kindergarten and 1st grade classes and in the main office. 

    On a side note, Girls on the Run will be happening again this spring and they are currently looking for coaches. There was a large group last year, and we’re expecting the same this year, so any help is welcomed! Learn more here - https://www.gotrvt.org/coach  

    Also, see the Moose Memo for information about a new softball camp available!

    Committee Reports: 

    • Original Works was a great success, bringing in just under $10,000 gross.

    • Barnes & Noble book fair was less successful than prior years, bringing in only $725. We will revisit next year to see if it’s something to continue or not.   

    • Math Night - scheduled for January 27th and sure to be a lot of fun. There will be a wide variety of games and everyone will receive a ticket for the raffle.

    • Pizza/movie night - Carrie will work on some dates , possibly early March?

    • Enrichment - Artist in Residence - we have a contract in place with Jeh Kulu for March 27-31. Classes will work with him 3 times during this week and there will be a culminating event on Friday during the day. Families are welcome to attend.

    • 5th grade author study - Natalie Kinsey will be here on January 20th and again in mid-April 

    • Spring Fair planning - The Spring Fair committee is looking for volunteers for many subcommittees. We decided to forgo the Silent Auction and instead do a raffle for themed gift baskets, which will be put together by grade. An email will go out to parents with more information

    Meeting was adjourned at 7:30. The next meeting will be held on February 14th at 6pm in the RMCS library. 






    RMCS PTO November Meeting

    11/8/22 6-7:30pm

    RMCS Library

    Welcome, Introductions, Sign-in Sheet

    Approve October Minutes

    President/VP Report - Erin Dahlstrom/Jenna Heney

    • Thank you to all who have donated a head lice kit to the nurse’s office

    • Directory is out to print, sent home later this month- Thank you, Jen!

    • RMCS Spirit Wear Store closed on 11/7- Thank you, Carrie!

    • Big thank you to Lizzie Pacheco for help with setting up the new PTO webpage on RMCS website

    • Jenna- revamped version of the un-fundraiser, donations to PTO to include thermometer and description of where funds will go

    • Teacher/Principal Requests

      • Vote to approve spending on rug for Alexandra Obrien’s classroom ($290)

      • Annie Allardyce- Bookflix renewal $1,465, any support from PTO would be helpful 

      • Ask for snack donations or costco gift cards to provide snacks to hungry kids in classrooms

    Treasurer’s Report - Mary Stuessy

    FY 23 Budget RMCS PTO

    Principal’s Report - Lissa McDonald

    Teacher’s Report - Danielle Vincent and Stephanie Hockenbury

    Committee Reports

    • Original Works- Erin Dahlstrom/Ashley Newcomb

    • Barnes and Noble Bookfair- Erin Dahlstrom/Kristen Calcagni

    • Math Night -Erin Sutherland (set date in January?)

    • Maker Cart- Mary Stuessy

    • Box Tops- Kristen Calcagni

    • Grocery Store Programs-

    • Teacher Appreciation- Thankful theme, beverages and snacks during conference week?

    • Enrichment- Jenna Heney 

      • Artist in Residence- Hilary Sales working on setting date

    Questions, Comments, Ideas?


    Rick Marcotte Central School PTO

    Meeting Minutes for 10/11/22

    6:05-7:55 RMCS Library

    Attendance: Erin Dahlstrom, Jenna Heney, Ashley Newcomb, Mary Stuessy, Holly Young, Amanda Dooley, Jen Lyman, Whitney Kirzinger, Heather Ebbers, Kristen Calcagni, Meghan Abrahamovich, Allison Maino, Jess Riina, Kelly Mancuso, Vicki Abrahamson, Erica Sacco, Krista Corran, Jessie Mongeon, Amy Possidente, Brittany Almassalkhi, Susan Robinson, Danielle Vincent, Steph Hockenbury. Lissa McDonald, Stephanie Sumner.

    Approve September Minutes: A motion was made and seconded to approve the September minutes.

    President/VP Report – Erin Dahlstrom/Jenna Heney:

    ● Thank you to Erin and Jenna who worked with local businesses to obtain water bottle donations, to Carrie and Mary who spent time organizing the PTO closet and Maker Cart, to Erin D, Erin S, Ashley, Jenna & Vicki for volunteering on photo day, to Erin S for recess equipment donation and to Lissa for organizing docs and links for the PTO page on the RMCS website

    ● Teacher Requests -

    o Jenna has a list from Kate for playground equipment. She’s working on pricing out and prioritizing items.

    o Alexandra O’Brien has requested a carpet for her classroom

    o Kelsey Lewis has requested binder for K & new students for art portfolios. As this is an annual request, we voted to add this as a line item in the PTO budget ($200).

    ● Artist in Residence - Hilary Sales is looking into a few options Treasurer’s Report – Mary Stuessy: Nothing has changed since our last meeting, so there wasn’t much to report. Mary mentioned again that this may be a learning year for us and we may need to continue to make changes to the budget as we go.

    Committee Reports:

    ● Directory - Response rate hasn’t been great. We talked about ways to get additional reponses. The link will be provided in the next Moose Memo email and teachers will also send out the link in their weekly emails. Cover art is due by the end of this week.

    ● Maker Cart - Mary has made a new google sign out sheet for teachers. She has also put together a survey which will be sent to staff so we can help make the cart as useful as can be. ● Original Works - this is on track and we’re expecting to pick up the artwork on 10/21 and will organize and send order forms home on 11/4.

    ● Popcorn Friday - the 1st one was a success!

    ● Box Tops - a flyer went home with instructions. It’s all online and quite easy to just scan your grocery receipts.

    ● Grocery Store programs - Aili Beeli is working on getting these programs going. It was suggested that we check in with Healthy Living to see if they might consider offering a percentage to schools again.

    ● Barnes & Noble Bookfair - tentative date either 12/10 or 12/11. We considered options to make this a bigger affair this year - maybe having Marky the Moose there to hand out information or having teachers come to do a read aloud. Erin will try to get the teacher wishlists out earlier this year so we can ask B&N to order books if they’re not available in store.

    ● Yearbook - the form was sent home for purchasing a yearbook.

    ● Enrichment - Jenna Heney is now the new chair for the Enrichment Committee

    Principal’s Report – Lissa & Stephanie: Lissa and Krista Corran have met to work on making a connection with the UVM men’s hockey team. They are planning on having players visit the school and are planning a few upcoming events to watch a game and meet the team as well as a family night at a men’s hockey game.

    The Rotary has donated $1,000 for classroom needs. Thank you!

    Additional help on the playground is still needed, and we discussed the possibility of having parents volunteer to help cover recess. It was suggested that Lissa offer a group training session for any interested volunteers.

    Teacher’s Report - Steph & Danielle: 3rd-5th grade classes are doing lots of learning and have several weeks of uninterrupted learning time before the holidays.

    Kindergarteners are finishing up their learning about butterflies, 1st graders are excited about their upcoming field trip to the pumpkin patch, and 2nd graders are 1 on 1 with chromebooks this year and are excited to be using them for more than just testing.

    The meeting was adjourned at 7:55. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 8 th in the RMCS library.


    RMCS PTO October Meeting

    10/11/22 6-7:30pm

    RMCS Library


    Welcome, Introductions, Sign-in Sheet


    Approve September Minutes


    President/VP President Report (Erin Dahlstrom/Jenna Heney)

    • Thank you! 

      • water bottle donations 

      • Mary Stuessy and Carrie Rice- PTO Closet and Maker Cart

      • Erin Sutherland, Jenna Heney, Ashley Newcomb, Vicky Abrahamson-photo day 

      • Erin Sutherland-recess equipment donation

      • Lissa McDonald-organizing docs and links for the PTO page on RMCS website

    • Teacher Requests

      • Jenna Heney worked with Kate Burrell on getting more recess equipment

      • Alexandra O’brien- request for new carpet in classroom

      • Kelsey Lewis-annual request for binders for K and new students for art portfolios

        • VOTE- make this a budget line item

    • Artist in Residence

      • Hilary Sales has contacted several options for this year

        • Manasitene.com and Circus Smirkus


    Treasurer’s Report (Mary Stuessy)

    FY 23 Budget RMCS PTO


    Committee Reports

    • Directory- Jen Lyman

    • Maker Cart- Mary Stuessy

    • Original Works- Erin Dahlstrom/Ashley Newcomb

    • Popcorn- Amanda Dooley/Kristy Dooley

    • Box Tops- Kristen Calcagni

    • Grocery Store Programs- Aili Beeli

    • Barnes and Noble Bookfair- Erin Dahlstrom/Kristen Calcagni

    • Yearbook-Carrie Rice and Holly Young

    • Enrichment- Jenna Heney is new chair of the committee 

      • Chris Poulos Assembly? Other assemblies? Field trips?


    Principal’s Report- Lissa McDonald


    Teacher’s Report- Danielle Vincent and Stephanie Hockenbury



    Rick Marcotte Central School PTO

    Meeting Minutes for 9/13/22

    6:05-7:40 RMCS Library

    Attendance: Erin Dahlstrom, Jenna Heney, Ashley Newcomb, Mary Stuessy, Erin Sutherland, Carrie Rice, Holly Young, Amanda Dooley, Kelly Mancuso, Jen Lyman, Danielle Vincent, Steph Hockenbury

    Welcome & Introductions: Erin introduced the board members, teacher representatives and new members. Welcome to Jen Lyman and Kelly Mancuso, who are new to the PTO meetings.

    Approve May Minutes/Approve Officers: A motion was made and seconded to approve the May minutes. A motion was made and seconded to approve Jenna Heney as new Vice President.

    President/VP Report – Erin Dahlstrom:

    ● The kindergarten playdate and open house events were both well attended and quite successful. It was so nice to see so many people gather in person for both events.

    ● Picture Day – AMV Photography will be here on 9/19 & 9/20 for school photos. We expect the schedule for each day will be communicated to parents in advance. AMV will also offer a sibling photo day on Saturday, 9/24.

    ● Directory – information will be sent to parents/caregivers both online and by paper form. Carrie encouraged pushing the online link as it makes compiling the directory much easier.

    ● $ for teachers – last year we provided $50/teacher for use for any extras for their classroom. We decided we will continue this again this year. Teachers simply need to send in their receipts to Mary for reimbursement.

    ● Spirit Wear – Carrie reported this sale will be held sometime in November for pre-holiday shopping.

    ● Maker Cart – we would like to find a new place to store the maker cart so that it will be more accessible to teachers. Mary will check with Paul to see if it could be moved to the custodian’s closet. The cart and closets will need to be cleaned and reorganized – PTO members have volunteered to help with this on an upcoming weekend. Mary will also be sending out a survey regarding the maker cart to find out how we might make it more useful for teachers. Providing information about how it could be used and/or examples of creations students have made could be helpful. We also discussed making sure new teachers know that it exists and is available for use. We’d like to post a sign out sheet online, potentially on the PTO website, so teachers can easily see when it’s available.

    ● PTO website – we will update the calendar posted there and also add a donate button. Ashley will provide documents such as PTO minutes for Lissa to post on the PTO page

    ● Un-Fundraiser – for the past two years we have run an un-fundraiser since we were unable to do other fundraising. Since we will be able to run our other fundraisers this year, we discussed whether or not to keep this fundraiser as well. We decided it could be a good way for people to donate who may not want to participate in the other fundraisers. We’d like to send home a paper packet including information about the PTO – what it does/what it funds/information about committee chairs/supplies that might be needed/ways to get involved. We’ll add a QR code to donate by Paypal or Venmo and also a link to fill out the directory information. We were looking to potentially send this home next Friday, September 23 rd .

    ● Garden Committee – we had a new parent express interest in possibly being the new chair for the garden committee. We will make sure she gets connected with Amy Simone and Celeste Forcier who currently help with the gardens.

    ● Alternate Book Fair option – we also heard from another new parent who might be able to provide an alternative book fair option. Erin will reach out to her to get more details. Treasurer’s Report – Mary Stuessy: Mary looked back over the past 5 years to come up with an estimated budget for 2023. We may need to adjust some amounts as we go forward, but this looks to be a good starting point. As we looked through it, we decided to make a few changes – upping the teacher/classroom support line to $1500 since we did decide to offer that again this year and adding to the playground line, as we have already had requests for specific playground equipment. Principal’s Report – Lissa & Stephanie: Stephanie was not able to attend as she had a prior engagement, and Lissa was called away last minute for a family emergency, so we will get her report and add it here. Teacher’s Report - Steph & Danielle: Danielle and Steph both spoke highly of the staff welcome back luncheon and said how much it was appreciated. Steph reported that students in K-2 have had an amazing start to the year and are getting right into new routines. These grades have some new teams and new classroom locations and it feels fresh and energizing! Assessments will begin next week. Danielle spoke about the 3 rd -5 th grades saying each grade has been working on projects that will be displayed in the school and will be visible during the upcoming Open House, scheduled for October 13 th . The all-school assembly was great, with over 400 students! Students in grades 3-5 will also be starting computer-based testing & assessments next week in math and reading. Committee Reports:

    ● Enrichment – needs someone to chair Hilary Sales is working on getting dates/costs for Artist in Residence Lissa is working on a district-wide event with Chris Poulos

    ● Popcorn Fridays – dates are set and a sign up is live for those who’d like to help. Amanda is waiting to hear from Michelle about allergies and will then purchase the supplies. The first popcorn Friday will be held on 9/30.

    ● Yearbook – Holly reported that they have signed a contract and will work with the 5 th grade to pick a cover once they have the materials from the company.

    ● Original Works – Erin and Ashley will work with Kelsey to organize and send these materials home. Due date is 11/15.

    ● Grocery Store Program – needs someone to chair

    ● Box Tops – Kristen Calcagni is coordinating with Sue to send home information about this program

    ● Math Night – looking at a date in January. Erin will update us when this is finalized

    ● Pizza/Movie Night – Carrie is working to get the license for this. Looking like it will be scheduled sometime this winter.

    ● Book Fairs – Barnes & Noble will be held in December Scholastic – We will check with the librarian to see how she’d like to proceed

    ● Teacher Appreciate – need someone to chair

    ● Spring Fair – many sub-committees that still need chairs. Susan and Meghan will need someone to shadow this year to be able to take over next year.

    Meeting was adjourned at 7:40. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 11 th in the RMCS library.



    RMCS PTO September Meeting 

    September 13, 2022

    6pm Library


    Welcome and Introductions

    • Board Members: Erin Dahlstrom (President), Jenna Heney (VP), Ashley Newcomb (Secretary), Mary Stuessy (Treasurer), Erin Sutherland, Carrie Rice, Holly Young (Executive Board Members)Teacher Reps: Stephanie Hockenbury and Danielle Vincent Administrative Team: Lissa McDonald and Stephanie Sumner

    • Committee Chairs

      • Need chairs for Enrichment, Grocery Store Program, Teacher Appreciation, and Spring Fair sub committees

    Approve May Minutes and Approve officers

    • Jenna Heney appointed VP

    President/ VP Report (Erin Dahlstrom/Jenna Heney)

    • Thank you for K Playdate/ Open House both successful

    • Picture Days 9/19 and 9/20

      • Picture Day volunteers: Erin Dahlstrom, Jenna Heney, Ashley Newcomb, Mary Stuessy, Erin Sutherland, Vicki Abrahamson and Amanda Dooley

    • Erin D.- email Sue and Lissa about notifying parents about what day their child will have pictures, also order of students in line by ID

    • Directory due 10/7- Carrie Rice and Jennifer Lyman

    • Erin D.- ask Lissa to put link for directory in newsletter and on website

    • Money for teachers this year?

    • Erin D. -Notify Lissa the PTO will give each teacher $50 and announce at Staff meeting and we will fund other requests as they come in

    • Spirit Wear- Carrie Rice - will be November timeframe

    • Carrie will contact KS sports and set up our team store, link on website

    • Maker Cart storage and sign up- Mary Stuessy

    • Mary is sending out a survey for the teachers on how to utilize the cart, ask Paul and Lissa about moving the cart to the custodial office, need one cart and clean out stuff we don’t use

    • Put sign up sheet on the PTO website for maker cart and also the options for activities available for using the cart

    • Posts on PTO Website- Ashley Newcomb

    • Send that info to Lissa, fix calendar and upload to website

    • The Un-Fundraiser- Keep and rename it or get rid of it?

    • Make a donation to the PTO, electronic link for pay-pal and or venmo, QR code, put together PTO information packet and get to Sue to go out next Friday 9/24, also connect with directory, box tops, grocery store program, amazon smile

    • Garden Committee?- 

    • Email Amy Simone and put new person in contact with her

    • Alternate Book Fair option?

    • Reach out to Annie about book fairs and how the money will be used and which ones we want to do

    Treasurer’s Report (Mary Stuessy)

    Principal’s Report (Lissa and Stephanie)

    Teacher’s Report (Steph and Danielle)

    Open House 10/13- add to calendar

    Committee Reports

    • Enrichment- need someone to chair this?

      •  Artist in Residence, Hilary Sales

      • Chris Poulos Assembly- Lissa McDonald

    • Popcorn Fridays- Amanda and Kristy 

      • Sign up genius is live and kicks off on 9/30

    • Yearbook- Carrie, Holly, Jessie

    • Original Works- Erin D. and Ashley (11/15 due date)

    • Grocery Store Programs- need someone to chair this?

    • Box Tops- Kristen C.

    • Math Night- Erin S.

    • Pizza and Movie Night- Carrie

    • Book Fairs

      • Barnes & Noble in December- Erin D.

      • Scholastic in April- Sarah Pineda

    • Teacher Appreciation- need someone to chair this?

    • Spring Fair- Susan and Meghan, also need someone to shadow and be able to take over next year



    New Ideas? Please share with us!

    PTO Potluck lunch K-2 (October)

    • This event is meant to bring students and parents in those grade levels together to connect after Covid. Organization of this event should be done by a room parent volunteer. Potluck and playground lunch or dinner