• Hey South Burlington Fam!
    Guess who came to Vermont to share his wisdom and Black excellence, the one and only Jason Reynolds! 
    Bonus, our very own South Burlington School District Elementary, Middle and High School students had the opportunity to take part in this historic visit to Vermont. Shout out Flynn Center! 
    SBSD, Take a minute to pause, breathe and take in his wisdom, excellence and lived experience.
    SBSD Shout outs to:
    Molly Leavey a brilliant SBSD 9th grader, who represented SBSB so brilliantly and intelligently on the interview panel that interviewed Jason Reynolds on stage.
    Christie Nold, a tireless advocate and amazing SBSD educator for positive and systemic racial change.
    South Burlington Orchard, Middle School & High Schools!
    What up, Mark Trifilo, Scott Sivo and Pat Burke! Thank you!


    Jason Reynolds: Honesty, Joy, and Anti-Racism | BookTube - Bing video