Summer P-EBT Information for
    Vermont Households

    The State of Vermont will be issuing Pandemic-Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT) cards to help with students’ food costs over the summer months. P-EBT benefits are funds provided on an electronic benefit transfer card that a household may use to purchase food items at grocery stores, convenience stores, online retailers and farmers markets where 3SquaresVT (SNAP) benefits are accepted. For households receiving 3SquaresVT, P-EBT benefits will be added to existing EBT cards. Households who have already received a P-EBT card this school year or last year will have the Summer P-EBT benefit added to their existing card.  If you no longer have your card, DCF can send you a replacement card. Instructions will be included in the benefit notice letters going out in August. For other households, you will receive a special P-EBT card from the Vermont Department for Children and Families (DCF) for students who qualify. Households will receive a one-time allotment of $391 per eligible student. The Summer P-EBT benefit will be issued in early August 2022 along with benefits for the rest of School Year 21-22.  

    Eligibility for the benefit depends on a child’s eligibility for free and reduced school meals. All children are able to receive free meals this year because of special COVID-19 waivers obtained by the State. However, to receive the P-EBT benefit, students must either have an approved free and reduced meal application on file or have been directly certified for free school meals. Students may be directly certified for free meals if the household received 3SquaresVT or Reach Up benefits or because the student is state-placed foster, migrant, homeless, runaway or participates in a Head Start program. If you are not already qualified for free and reduced price meals, you may still submit a 2021-22 free and reduced meal application now to see if you are eligible for the Summer P-EBT benefit.  Please visit the Nutritional Services page of the district website for more information on how to apply. Applications submitted before July 1, 2022, may also qualify your student for P-EBT benefits for any days that they missed school for a COVID-related reason this past school year.

    To issue the benefit, we need to have your correct mailing address and head of household.  If you want to make corrections to any of these, contact the registrar at your child’s school. You can find out more about P-EBT benefits by visiting the Department for Children and Families’ P-EBT website