• Schedule a Consultation 

    Unsure what help you need? Or feel like you need:  

    • to build some solid study skills 📝 
    • to work on focusing strategies 👀 
    • to become more organized 📂 
    • to figure out how to begin to chip away at your work ⛏ 
    • to develop a plan to catch up on missed assignments 📅
    • a quiet place to study 📚 
    • and/or an encouraging space where you will be supervised and held accountable for getting your work done? ✍ 

    Schedule a consultation with Mr. B (at this link: calendly.com/jbarritt), email him (jbarritt@sbschools.net), or fill out this Request for Academic Support form and he will provide you with general academic support (such as what is listed in the bullet points above). You may eventually be connected with a peer tutor, if needed. 

    If you are a faculty member, feel free to fill out this LC Student Referral form to refer a student for tutoring or general academic support or email Julian Barritt at jbarritt@sbschools.net to connect him with the student. 

    Schedule a Tutoring Session

    Need help with a particular assignment or subject? Meet with a tutor!

    Make an appointment here: https://sbhslearningcenteredu.org/

    Tutoring sessions are available:                                                                                                             

    Monday - Friday: 8:15AM - 3:20PM  (and after school in some cases (depending on the tutor)!) 

    Come alone or bring a friend!

    Tutoring Partnerships / Long-Term Tutoring

    Need long-term, weekly help with a subject? Fill out this Request for Academic Support form to be connected with long-term tutors.

    Or, email Mr. B at jbarritt@sbschools.net

    Walk-In Appointments 

    If you see a tutor sitting alone in the Learning Center, feel free to walk into the center to seek their help. You will then be able to work with them until the end of that session time slot/block or until they have a scheduled appointment. 

    Students who arrive 15 minutes late for a block-long appointment, 10 minutes late for a half-hour appointment (before or after school), or 5 minutes late for a Facetime appointment will lose their appointment, but may still be able to get help from the tutor for a walk-in appointment if that tutor is not busy helping someone else.