• Interested in Becoming a Tutor?

    Please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/7aFP2PXPEVsoGF8a8

    Thank you for your commitment to our community!

    If you are a staff member who would like to recommend a student to become a tutor, please send them this form link and include Julian Barritt (jbarritt@sbschools.net), the Learning Center Coordinator, in the email. 

    Staff & students are also welcome to nominate a student to be a tutor by filling out this Tutor Nomination form

    Thank you!

  • The Learning Center is recruiting Peer Tutors (of ALL grades!)! 
    • Do you feel pretty good about a subject🌍 📐 🔬 📚
    • Do you like helping others?  🤝
    • Do you find yourself answering your peers' questions in class? 💬
    • Or are you considering a career in education👨‍🏫
    If you relate to ANY of the above statements, please consider applying to be a peer tutor for next year! 
    Don't Worry! Your grades do not have to be perfect 🍎 for your tutoring application to be considered. I understand that grades don't always reflect understanding of a subject (e.g. if you're missing some assignments). If you have a strong desire to help your peers, your teacher can vouch for your knowledge of a subject, and you are a kind person who works well with others, you will fit the bill!
    • You choose when you tutor AND you will be generously reimbursed 😉 with community service hours 💰
    • Good test to see if a career in education is right for you 🏫 
      • No commitment is required - if you realize that it's not your thing, that's okay too! 
    • Join a community of other friendly & helpful students committed to service 🤝
    >> Here is the **Tutor Application**: https://forms.gle/2PKmBhvwC8unrpQx8 <<
           >>Feel free to pass this link onto any incoming 9th graders who you think would be a good fit. 
    You can truly make a difference!
    Mr. B 
    P.S. Becoming a peer tutor does not mean that you cannot seek tutoring yourself! It's pretty rare for someone to know everything! Even if you help students with one subject, you could likely benefit from help in another! 🙂