• South Burlington School District COVID-19 Guidance January 2, 2022

    Dear South Burlington School District Families and Staff,  

    I look forward to welcoming you back to school tomorrow. Please see the latest COVID-19 guidance from the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) and CDC on isolation and quarantining, with additional guidance around recommended testing. These new guidelines are now in effect. I would also like to remind families and staff to please fill out your RUVNA app daily as we return to school and work and stress the importance of getting vaccinated and boosted

    In terms of masks, the Vermont Agency of Education and Department of Health continue to encourage masking in schools and other indoor settings. Masks are required in our schools. Please make sure you (or your student) are bringing clean masks to school and wearing them properly (over the nose AND mouth).  Also, as you may know I held a Zoom today with medical professionals, but have decided to pause on posting that recording to avoid confusion regarding several items discussed. Look for more communications from me during the week as we receive additional information from the AOE. Thanks and here’s to a safe and healthy start to 2022!


    If you or your student test positive with a PCR, Antigen, or LAMP test, regardless of vaccination status, follow these guidelines:

    1. Notify close contacts of the positive test results.
    2. Notify the school nurse and your health care provider of the positive test result.
    3. Report the positive at-home test results by using this link.
    4. Stay home and isolate for 5 days.

    You or your student may leave their home on (or after) day 5 if:

    1. You have never had symptoms or symptoms have improved and you feel better* AND
    2. You have not had a fever for at least 24 hours without the use of medicine that reduces fevers AND
    3. When possible, it is recommended that you have two negative antigen tests, at least 24 hours apart, beginning no earlier than day 4 AND
    4. You wear a mask around others through day 10

    *If you or your student are not feeling better or fever-free, please should remain in isolation at home through Day 10.  

      Return to school can be on Day 11 with improved symptoms.


    If you or your student have had close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 please follow the guidelines below:

    If FULLY Vaccinated*

    1. Wear a mask around other people for 10 days. No quarantine is needed.
    2. Test on day 5 (recommended). If you test positive, follow the steps in “Positive Test” above.
    3. If you develop symptoms at any time, get a test and stay home and away from others until your test results are returned.

    If NOT FULLY Vaccinated *

    1. Stay home and quarantine for 5 days.
    2. You can leave your home on (or after) day 5 if:
      1. You have no symptoms AND 
      2. You wear a mask around others through day 10 AND
      3. You have had:
    • one negative PCR or LAMP test on or after day 5 OR
    • two negative antigen tests, performed at least 24 hours apart, beginning no earlier than day 4.
    1. If you test positive, follow the “Positive Test” guidance above.
    2. If symptoms develop at any time, get a test and isolate. until you receive your test results.

    1/2/22 * Fully vaccinated means two weeks have passed since the second dose of the 2-dose Moderna or Pfizer vaccine series or one dose of the J & J. This definition may change in the days ahead to include a booster for those who received their 2-dose vaccine at least 6 months ago or their J & J two months ago.