August 7, 2020

    Dear Families and Parents of Students with Disabilities,

    As we are planning the reopening of schools, with steps to ensure student and staff safety. I want to take this time to provide guidance relating to supporting students with dis/abilities and their services during the reopening as well as any changes due to the pandemic. Please see further details in my letter linked below.

    Reopening Letter to Families of Students with Disabilities 

    Dear South Burlington Community,

    This unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic has compelled the South Burlington School District to think differently about ways we can support learners with disabilities in remote learning environments. With the spring semester behind us, we have had time to Let's focus on what is important during these unique times:

    1. This is a pandemic - we have not ever been through this and new rules might need to be written.

    2. Take care of yourself and your family - the impact of this pandemic on mental & physical health should not be forgotten

    3. The Educational Support Service staff is here to support you!

    At this time, special educators are reaching out to families to build a connection and to determine what is needed and doable for each student and household. Please see additional guidance and information below. If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail at jgodek@sbschools.net or 802-652-7392.

    Stay well, Joanne Godek, Director of Educational Support Systems

    Please see my March 25, 2020 Letter to Families of Students with Disabilities here

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