Getting Started: Register a New Student

  • The following steps are for NEW STUDENTS ONLY.

    If your student is currently enrolled in one of our schools or Act 166 Partner Preschool Programs, please use the link to register "A Returning Student." If you have any questions, please visit the Contact Us link on the left side of the page for assistance.


    Recommendation: Before you begin, we recommend that you gather your documents.  To view the list of required documents, please click this link: Required Documents

    STEP 1: Complete an Enrollment Express Pre-Registration Form for each new student that will be enrolling in the South Burlington School District. The form must include a valid email address for the guardian/parent.

    What's Next? School staff will review the Enrollment Express pre-registration form(s) to verify that the student(s) are not already in the South Burlington School District system. You will receive an email when the request(s) have been processed.

    STEP 2: Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal account* and link your student(s) to the account.
    When the school staff has reviewed and approved the Enrollment Express pre-registration form, the guardian/parent will receive an email notification with the steps to create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account.

    *Tip: You will not be able to link your student(s) until your Enrollment Express pre-registration form has been reviewed and approved. 

    Instructions: Create a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account  

    What's Next? After creating a PowerSchool Parent Portal account, you are ready to complete the full set of online registration forms.  

    STEP 3: Log in to the SBSD PowerSchool Parent Portal. Click "Forms" from the left navigation and complete the required forms for each student.  Please choose "Welcome! New Registrations and Annual Student Updates Start Here..."

    What's Next? School staff will review the New Student Registration forms, review/verify required documents (Birth Verification with Proof of Age, Health Documents, Proof of Residence, etc.), and will reach out to the guardian/parent if there are any questions and/or if additional information is needed.