Getting to Know Data Specialist Kellee Carman

Data Specialist Kellee Carman
  • Kellee Carman: IT Professional and Wellness Champion

    Posted by Corey Burdick on 5/21/2019 12:15:00 PM

    If you've ever had a question about South Burlington's Student Information System, chances are you've communicated with Kellee Carman. Carman works primarily with the SIS, but over her 30 years in the district has also maintained Naviance (student college tracking program) and Pick-a-Time (Parent/Teacher Conference). Part of Carman's position also involves serving as the help desk for all of the SIS users; creating reports, showing people how to use the system, and helping with issues that may arise.

    Carman holds an AS in Information Technology from Champlain College and worked for several technology companies prior to landing in the district in 1988 as the registrar in the high school's guidance office. There, she began working with student information systems and found she enjoyed working with the data and helping others. Carman also worked briefly in the Business Office as an Administrative Assistant to the Business Manager. She worked for the district until 2000, when she left for a position at Rice Memorial High School for 8 years. Carman then returned to the District in 2008 when the District Data Specialist Position became available.

    In addition to Carman's IT expertise, she is a champion for employee wellness in the district via the PATH( Planned Action Toward Health) program which is a benefit of the VEHI health plan. "I believe (and the South Burlington School District agrees) that a well employee will be more productive, have fewer sick days, and generally be happier at work when taking care of themselves; the whole person."

    As a Building Leader, Carman recruits employees to participate in the PATH adventure. The adventure is 10 weeks long and requirements must be met for the workout and activity portion to earn PATH points. By the end of June, if one earns 200 points, he/she will receive a $100 gift card to LL Bean! Building Leaders arrange four activities per year for their school to earn points. For example, walking at lunch, an essential oils roller ball class, and the hydrate challenge. Carman became involved with the Wellness Program more than 20 years ago with Carol Cummings and has found it to be one of the most rewarding positions she has had.

    Indeed, her passion for wellness extends beyond the district and into the community through her part time position at The Edge Sports and Fitness where she has been proud to work for many years. There, she attends group classes, works the front desk, and most recently became a part time Membership Director. She also enjoys spending time with her family including her twins Britnee and Brian Duval.

    Carman said, “I have been most fortunate in my career to have made a lot of friends, I can’t narrow down a favorite moment. There are two other women (Amadee Denton and Kelly Philbrick) that work in the Business Office that started here when I did. We all grew up together here at SBSD, through great times and sad.”

    Thanks for all you do Kellee!

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