Master Planning & Visioning 2019

  • Education. What did it look like 20, 30, or even 50 years ago and what does it look like today?

    It was this backdrop that framed the most recent Master Planning and Visioning meeting March 26, 2019  where community members who took part in the November visioning session at Trader Dukes were invited to hear about the 8 middle and high school configuration options under consideration and offer their feedback via small group discussions and comments/questions on post-its. Groups pondered what would work educationally for the next 50 years and if it would make sense for the HS and MS to separate or form a combined MS/HS.

    Their perspectives, once compiled, will be posted here.

    Dore and Whittier, led a detailed presentation of the options while Superintendent David Young, High School Principal Patrick Burke, Middle School Principal Karsten Schlenter, Director of Learning Mike Martin, and School Board member Bridget Burkhardt offered thought provoking questions and remarks. While structural challenges that hinder project based learning were mentioned by both Burke and Schlenter,

     Burke noted, "It's not about the buildings, it's about education."

    "There's a reason so many inspiring stories focus on teachers delivering education in a non-traditional way."