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    In accordance with district policy, it is the intent of the school board to make available to the community members of South Burlington the use of the school grounds and facilities (to the extent possible) within the parameters of board policy and in the best interest of the district.

    Use of school facilties is the immediate concern of the building administrator/principal.  Individuals, inclusive of employees, who wish to reserve school facilties or property, must first submit a Request for Facility Use Form and sign the Agreement of Charges, General Rules and Regulations, and Facility Event Safety Information Sheet which includes required facility use guidelines for COVID-19/Delta Variant.  

    Request for Facility Use Form  - Submit for review to the email below

    Agreement of Charges - Rates

    General Rules and Regulations - Please read

    Facility Event Safety and Custodial Contact Information - Please read


    Once submitted, Jessica Witty, the Facitities Coordinator will review the request and you will be notified if the request is approved, denied, or if further information is needed.  The Office of Operations will determine any fees and/or liability.  To reach Jessica by email: jwitty@sbschools.net.


    A Certificate of Insurance or Tulip Insurance, listing the specific school as the policy holder, is required before a final approval can be made on your request.

    Tulip Insurance - Program offered to those who need insurance.