• School Bus


    September 16, 2020

    Dear SB Students and Families:

    The District Transportation Department is continuing to work extremely hard to finalize the bus routes.  Below you will find updated bus routes organized by school, days of attendance, AM/PM, stop time and stop location. As more parents and guardians request transportation, we may have to adjust times, rearrange trips, and add routes.  

    Due to the splitting of the student body into two cohorts, these routes and bus assignments look somewhat different than in past years. On Friday, September 4th we sent correspondence to families to provide clarity on student assignments, in case they were not obvious by the route information below.  

    For our students from the Islands and Georgia, routes will look very similar to last year. The Islands and Georgia schedule are posted below.  

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to refine our bus routes with student safety at the forefront of our work.


    Gary Marckres

    Director of Operations and Finance 


    Updated Trip Summary September 16, 2020 

     Island/Isle LaMotte Schedule September 2, 2020

    Georgia Schedule September 5, 2020

    Late Georgia & Island Activity Schedules September 11, 2020