• Schedule Change Request

    Please complete the online form (link below) to request a schedule change. This is for permanent or long term temporary schedule changes only. To request an occasional "extra day" please email llamphere@sbschools.net. Please note, that there are many factors that contribute to our ability to make a schedule change such as availability, staffing and capacity and we may not be able to fulfill your request.

    You will receive an email within 2 business days letting you know if we can accommodate the schedule change AND when the new schedule will begin.

    We require a two week notice to make a schedule change or withdraw from the program. Families giving less than a two week notice will be required to pay the tuition regardless of attendance.

    Schedule Change Request


    2018/19 Registration Form

    Please email llamphere@sbschools.net to request a registration form


    School's Out After School Registration

    Registration Dates

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Parent Handbook

    Additional People That May Pick Up Your Child - Permission Form

    Online registration for the School's Out After School Program begins in April for families with children currently enrolled. Their siblings may be enrolled at this time as well.  Enrollment for new families also begins in April and ends the first week of May. New families will need to complete a paper form.  Paper forms can be requested by emailing llamphere@sbschools.net. Our programs are designed to accommodate the needs of the community, so we rarely have a significant wait list.  Since increasing our capacity in 2014, we have been able to enroll ALL CHILDREN registered by the spring deadline.  In the event that new enrollment greatly exceeds our planned capacity, a lottery will be held to determine enrollment.  


    2018 Registration Dates

    April 9th - Online registration begins for returning families and incoming siblings

    April 9th - Registration forms become available for new families

    April 30th - Registration Deadline for Returning Families 

    May 11th -Registration Deadline for new families ends 





    Registration Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: My child attended School’s Out this past year, do I need to participate in the Lottery?

    A: No.  All children currently enrolled are guaranteed enrollment each year as long as they submit a form by the end of the registration period.


    Q: My child attended School’s Out this past year and I have a younger child that will be starting kindergarten.  Do I need to participate in the lottery to enroll the kindergartner?

    A: No.  All siblings of currently enrolled School’s Out children are guaranteed enrollment.  Please complete the online form for all children.  We also request that the paper form be completed for the incoming kindergartener. 

    Q: I have multiple children.  Will each child be entered into the lottery?  Is it possible for one child to get in, and another end up on the wait list?

    A:  Each FAMILY will be granted ONE entry into the lottery.  All children from that family will be enrolled if the lottery entry is drawn.


    Q: Why don’t you expand the program to enroll everyone who wants to register their child?

    A:  We have worked really hard to expand the program to accommodate as many families as possible. In 2014/2015 we added a "Kindergarten-Only" program which allowed us to increase capacity significantly. Since this time, all families that registered by the spring deadline were granted enrollment. 


    Q: How should I submit my registration form?

    A: Forms can be left in the School’s Out payment box on the wall in the cafeteria of your child’s school, left with the front desk staff, or mailed to “School’s Out, 2 Baldwin Ave, South Burlington, VT 05403”


    Q: How will I know that you received my form?

    A: You will receive an email confirmation by the spring deadline.  If you do not receive this confirmation, it may mean that your form did not reach us.  It is up to you to notify us if you did not receive the confirmation. 


    Q: Do I have to pay the $25 registration fee?

    A:  Yes, though we will only process your check when we are able to enroll your child.  We will not process your payment if your child ends up on a waitlist.  We may be able to waive the fee if you qualify for financial assistance.